Paso Rico Marriage Traditions

Typical Paso Rico marriage ceremonies are full of classic foods and music. They are really a wondrous celebration with good food, a show up, and a lot of grooving.

One of the most popular Puerto Rican customs is the “capia” custom. The capia is a piece of bows with the bride and groom’s names produced on it. It can be attached to the bridal bouquet. The newlyweds cut-off the tape of the capia throughout the reception. It is then exceeded out to friends as being a souvenir. It is also decorated with seashells, other materials, and the night out of the marriage ceremony.

A further popular custom certainly is the giving of amapola flowers. Ababa is the flower of Puerto Profuso which is believed to provide good luck to the newlyweds. It might be used in the bridal bridal bouquet or perhaps carried simply by bridesmaids.


During the wedding commemoration, the wedding couple will facts about dating a latina woman puerto rican wives dance a waltz referred to as danza criolla. It is accompanied by orchestral items composed for ballroom dancing. The song “Danza criolla” is certainly the Puerto Rican waltz.

Other persuits include a “cojin”, which is a little pillow presented by the soon-to-be husband during the wedding ceremony. It is designed with charms and is located at the key stand.

An additional popular beautification may be the use of candles. A candle is a great way to add a touch of loveliness to a classic Puerto Rican wedding. The candle light can be made from a variety of hues. If the couple lives in a non-urban region, the star of the event may make a basket of flowers to place inside the yard.

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