Most frequent questions and answers

2wellbeing specializes in providing help to clients seeking mental wellness solutions through its online mental health counseling services. There are 2 steps to the procedure:

  •  start with free screening
  • get an interpretation
  • book a session with a qualified counselor

2wellbeing deploys end to end encryption & ensures that all your data is safe & is in no way
being misused or shared with anyone else. We respect our clients and believe in complete
confidentiality. We follow an ethical code of conduct.

The client can choose the time and place of their own convenience. Sessions can be scheduled between 10am- 12pm.

The online counseling services and therapy sessions can be conducted through video call,
phone call and chat.

We provide a free consultation and after that the charge per session is 499 INR.

Hindi and English are the main languages in which online therapy is provided in 2wellbeing.

Online Counselling and therapy is the process of mental health intervention that involves
sessions allowing individuals to share and let out there feeling through an online medium. This makes the process simple and comfortable as there is no third person intervention in the process.

It is important to have good internet connectivity to avoid any connectivity issues.

Yes, due to the pandemic a lot of people had to take sessions online and research has found
that it as effective as offline counseling. Infect there are many benefits to online counseling for example you don’t have to travel and can choose a comfortable time and place to do the

2wellbeing provides counseling services for various concerns. We have specialists for
relationship counselling , anxiety, depression, stress, anger management, phobias etc.

Our experts are counselors and psychologists that help clients using therapy and counselling
sessions. But if your counselor feels that the issue is severe enough to integrate medicine. We can refer you to a good psychiatrist.

2wellbeing has a range of mental health counselors who are trained and qualified mental health therapists. Currently, regulate the licensing of counselors or psychologists. Still, our counselors hold at least a Masters degree in psychology from a reputed institute or a minimum experience of 2 years. Neither Government of India nor the Rehabilitation Council of India