Data Room Features That Go Beyond Security

Data room features can be a powerful instrument to help companies improve their business processes, conserve resources and make collaboration and communication more efficient. They offer peace of brain regarding security, because they ensure that sensitive information is secure. There are a variety of other benefits.

In order to prepare for and complete transactions, it can require a thorough review of thousands of documents whether it’s due diligence, M&As or tenders, or capital raising. It can be time-consuming and difficult to accomplish especially when the information is classified as confidential. Data rooms can assist in this regard by providing a safe environment to review and upload documents. It also allows organisations to manage access permissions and offer a searchable index of all uploaded files.

A great data room comes with a a user-friendly interface with an intuitive drag-and-drop file upload function. Users can upload and view files with ease, while administrators can monitor the use of the dataroom with an extensive report system. The report will show a summary of activity in every workspace, including the number of users who are invited, who is logged in and who has accessed or submitted documents, posted questions and more.

A redaction tool is an additional important feature that lets users block out text in a document. This is especially useful when a large number of documents require review, because it can eliminate the time-consuming task of manually searching through each document. A good data room will also come with a fence view feature that lets users only see the part of a document that they are hovering over. This prevents sensitive information from being reviewed by unauthorised parties.

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