How to Accelerate Communication With Stakeholders

If people feel that their voice has been considered and incorporated into the project they are more likely to offer continued support. This requires constant communication and making sure that all stakeholders get the information they require to be able to access it via multiple channels.

The frequency of communication needs to be tailored to each stakeholder group. CEOs, for instance might be more focused on long-term growth or strategic alignment whereas teams may place a greater focus on efficiency improvements. It is crucial to tailor content to the needs of the audience avoid technical language and using technical terms for those with less technological backgrounds.

Providing information through various channels is vital to your progress. This includes email, meetings and project reports, among others. Email is an incredibly flexible and customizable tool which can be used for project updates photographs and news, budget updates and contact information. The next steps, top-level strategies, and more are all communicated via email. It can be used to gather feedback via surveys and online engagement tools.

Meetings are an excellent way to reach out to your stakeholders and discuss specific issues, questions and concerns. They can be scheduled daily or weekly, monthly, or according to the need. They are an effective method to give updates on a daily basis in person. It’s also a great way to ensure that everyone is on board with your project and to discuss any potential obstacles. Meetings can be recorded and shared with those who were unable to attend or who require references to the specific conversation. A report on the project’s progress can be used to communicate information to the stakeholders. It can be a straightforward document that can include all relevant information or a more in-depth report that is customized to each stakeholder.

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