How to Conduct a Digital Board Meeting

Digital board meetings are an innovative conferencing format which allows directors’ boards to meet via the internet. The meetings are conducted using audio and video communication tools that work with a stable internet connection. The meeting files are saved in a board book online accessible by directors anytime, anywhere. The board portal also stores minutes of meetings to make them easy to access. This paperless system streamlines administrative tasks for cooperative and condo board members. It eliminates the requirement for printed materials and reduces costs associated with distribution storage, photocopying, and distribution. The boards are also able to attain quorum through remote attendance, and thus allowing an increased range of geographical and social diversity.

By following these best board room digital practices, you can ensure smooth and efficient communication at digital board meeting:

The day before the virtual meeting, send a calendar invite together with an agenda that you can use to plan talk points. This will help to increase participation and engagement. The board chair should be aware of the time differences between the participants and schedule the meeting for a suitable time for everyone.

During the virtual meeting, encourage participation by using a chat box and asking participants to raise their hands before speaking. Keep the meetings brief because long meetings can hinder productivity and engagement. Don’t cram the entire meeting with a slide show, as this can hinder discussions and create confusion. Rather, plan an agenda that has 20% fewer items to allow for more discussion.

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