The Benefits of Deal Management

Deal management is the process that your sales team employs to help prospects move through the pipeline of sales. This includes prospecting, qualification, needs analysis, proposal/presentation, negotiation/objection handling, and closing. It also includes post-sale management to ensure your clients are satisfied and happy.

A firm focus on deal management will what is deal management and how to do it allow your team to standardize processes, improve the quality of deals and ultimately boost conversions. To get started, you’ll want to assess your current sales processes and identify areas for improvement. You can then design internal protocols, playbooks or checklists that are tailored to your investment process.

The benefits of a focus on deal management include:

Increased visibility of sales pipelinesInstead of tracking their progress on disparate spreadsheets or in emails, your team can work together in real time in a single secure location to manage their deals. This allows them to prioritize the right deals by analyzing the signals across the pipeline.

Increased efficiency By automating and cutting down on the administrative tasks, your sales team will be able to devote more time on high-value activities. By using a solution to automatically notify the person involved in the handover, you can cut down on the time spent on manual tasks and the risk of missing important details.

Better performance monitoring – Analyzing data from deals can give your teams a nudge on how to improve their performance at various stages of the investment process. For instance, if discover that your company is losing deals because of inadequate pricing, you can employ a tool to help you improve discount levels.

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