Tips for Energizing Online Board Meetings

Online board meetings can be a valuable source for making informed decisions. If they’re not properly managed, they could lead to boringness and low levels of engagement. Follow these simple steps to energize your virtual meetings and improve productivity.

Distribute the agenda prior to the meeting with all attendees to ensure everyone knows what’s to be discussed. Also, think about asking your board members to tune in from a quiet area free of distractions. Ask participants to make use of the “raise hand function” of your software for virtual meetings when they want speak to avoid over-talking or missing the point.

Establish a maximum time limit for each topic to ensure that the meeting stays focused on important topics. This allows all members to take part and keeps discussions from getting off-topic or distracting other attendees. Encourage your board members to turn off their microphones while not talking to reduce background noises, such as pets, children and colleagues.

Finally, try to conclude the meeting on time as this will show respect for the other board members’ time. It is also a good practice to distribute the minutes quickly after the meeting has concluded. In addition, it helps to simplify the process of recording and distributing minutes of meetings using your software for managing boards that has built-in capabilities such as inline task delegation.

This will ensure that everyone is on the same page about what transpired at the meeting and what has to be done between meetings.

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