Understanding cloud-native apps

I’d heard about them through a personal connection in the Bay Area. Yellow stands out because they’re invested in the results and clients. Every single person on Yellow’s team genuinely cares about what they’re doing. I really appreciate that about them and it’s the main reason we will continue our relationship for as long as possible. Browser compatibility and readability have increased markedly since the engagement began.

cloud apps development

On top of that, the cloud gives an automated response to updates and data recoveries. You can leverage the above cloud deployment solutions for various application services. Community cloud – Community cloud deployment is similar to private cloud, except here, the data sharing is between two (multiple) organizations. For instance, the government of a country has various departments internally that need the same infrastructure and resources, and that’s where community cloud comes to use. Several industrial reports mention that with the expansion of business mobile applications, storage capacity and performance are significant issues for over 70% of the digital workspaces.


It includes role-based access, an analytical dashboard, CRM, analytics, and so on. With our quality assurance services, we deliver high-quality cloud apps that satisfy the needs of our clients with a minimal number of issues. If a team did great work on the discovery stage, the cloud-based software development stage should go flawlessly or close to it.

  • Monolithic architecture lies the basis for many enterprise applications.
  • The business systems are also well-scalable in clouds, so companies have more opportunities to grow.
  • The presentation layer houses components visible to the end-user through a web browser or a mobile app.
  • However, many people also use services like Dropbox for personal use.

Outsourcing your project to a professional cloud software development company, like IntelliSoft, is often the most efficient solution, especially for large-scale projects. Companies like ours have dedicated teams of experienced professionals who specialize in different areas of app development. They can deal with all aspects of the project, from planning and development to testing and launch. Cleveroad has 10+ years of experience in building high-quality apps for various business domains. We also provide cloud migration services and quality assurance services and have qualified solution architects and development teams to help you create solutions of any complexity. For you to know more about us, we’d like to share one of our cases — RetailOps.

Multiple Deployment Approaches

While such architecture might suffice the needs of the business at the beginning, business growth creates a lot of challenges. Applications based on monolithic Mobile Developer Job Description App Developer Description architecture quickly become difficult to support and scale. Such apps have a lot of dependencies, which is not the best quality of a modern app.

cloud apps development

Thus showing clear signs of growth alongside helping businesses expand their capabilities and enhance the customer experience. We will not go deep and describe the cloud development methodologies and processes. The only note is that the cloud platforms offer dozens of native solutions. The customization of the existing app can be easier than development from scratch.

Web-App Development for SSL Service Provider

Cloud-based application development solutions make data collecting more convenient for businesses. On top of that, security and management are simplified to a greater extent. Cloud app development allows modern businesses and enterprises to create productivity-based applications to enhance the customer experience as well as revenue.

  • Cloud apps offer several advantages, such as better app performance, increased uptime, scalability, easy updates, and improved security.
  • An outdated monolithic application may also hinder the adoption of accountability and ownership culture that businesses should foster, as we explained above.
  • Google Play applies automated testing to accelerate the process, although it may be difficult to understand why an application has been rejected in the result.
  • AWS allows baking up all the data securely and brings developers a vast pool of other tech features to work with.

Before the first session, you will receive a questionnaire that helps clarify your goals. This way, our development team can assess the project complexity and outline the potential issues to be addressed at the discovery meeting. Because of marketing costs, the B2C application fell out of use in favor of a different B2B tool. Yellow was very focused on customer satisfaction, and they participated regularly in standups.

Such components are independent of each other, making it possible to update one or a few of them without touching the others. The front-end of a cloud-based application interacts with the cloud data storage via an application (i.e., middleware) via a web browser or https://traderoom.info/an-introduction-to-asp-net-razor-pages-2/ through a virtual session. Many companies are inspired by such popularity of the technology and are starting to think about how to make a cloud-based application. These are ballpark figures since the specialists’ skill levels and location greatly affect the price.

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