What Is PHP? Learning PHP, The Back-End Language of the Web

See, now we got the same information but the URL didn’t change. We can get the information from the GET request query string through $_GET. This is of course most useful in GET requests, but also other requests can send data as a query string. See the full list of characters you can use to format the date here. Exceptions are used to make us, developers, aware of a problem.

why learn php

WordPress, one of the most popular content management systems on the internet, is written in PHP. So, if you want to start writing web applications, you can’t go wrong by learning PHP. You can just write the code in a text file, then access your script in a web browser.

How to Use $_GET, $_POST and $_REQUEST in PHP

It contains a really long list of settings, with a great inline documentation for each one. The exact location of this file depends on your setup. The first two are minor errors, and they do not stop the program execution. This is useful if, for example, you have multiple files loading some other file, and you typically want to avoid loading that more than once. Inside the child class we can use $this to reference any property or method defined in the parent, as if they were defined inside the child class.

why learn php

You can also use the so-called PaaS , which are platforms that focus on taking care of all the boring stuff and you just upload your app and it runs. Composer.lock is used to “lock” the versions of the package in time, so the exact same installation you have can be replicated on another server. The vendor folder contains the library just installed and its dependencies.

For POST, PUT and DELETE requests you’re more likely to need the data posted as URL-encoded data or using the FormData object, which PHP makes available to you using $_POST. Similarly, you can create a test.php file and automatically that will be the file that Apache serves Insider Jokes Only Programmers Will Get Programing jokes, Programmer jokes, Computer humor on the /test route. That said, we’re not going to talk about using frameworks in this handbook. But I will talk about the basic, fundamental building blocks of PHP. For dates, it’s common to use libraries that offer a lot more functionality than what the language can.

How to Use a for Loop in PHP

This programming language has a plethora of tools, frameworks, and best practices available to assist in identifying vulnerabilities and preventing cyberattacks. PHP runs on most operating systems and is supported by the most popular web servers including Apache and NGINX. Once complete, the rendered file will be passed back to the web server for forwarding on to the browser. To get into the chatbot development, you’ll need to have a good command of these programming languages. Depending on your current skillset and where you want your career to go, learning PHP can really pay off in the short and long run. PHP Tutorials on UdemyUdemy is a wildly popular online platform for all sorts of courses from a variety of topics.

why learn php

WordPress recommends using PHP version 7.4 or greater. This can be the key to keeping your website fast and secure. When someone clicks on your site link, their browser 45+ Free Coding Websites For Beginners To Learn Programming In 2022 sends a request to your server. In WordPress, the server has to process PHP code to create HTML pages. Then, it can send the HTML code back to the visitor’s browser.

To sum it up, it takes a lot of time to be, hmm let’s say, intermediate in PHP. So, if you want to store your web application to a web server, you must be sure that the web server has support for your programming language. PHP has support for almost all of the web servers today.

This makes it an ideal choice for developing complex web applications. PHP is often used with HTML and databases to create dynamic applications for use on the web. It can also be used to run a server or create command-line scripts to complete tasks without the need for a browser. E-commerce websites are often based in PHP, making it easier for small businesses to create an online storefront without paying for custom development.

PHP has well-designed frameworks

In this article, you will find the most important reasons to choose and use PHP as a programming language. Learning PHP, like any other programming language, takes time — especially if you’re a beginner coder. PHP is a widely-used programming language that is Embedded system Wikipedia free to download and use. It has long been regarded as having a very low barrier of entry, and because of this, it is often embraced by beginning developers. Also, it is used by many global organizations including Facebook, Wikipedia, MailChimp, and Etsy.

  • But even total beginners won’t struggle too much navigating the ins and outs of PHP.
  • Also, frameworks for many widely used applications are available in PHP, which eliminates the need to start from scratch each time you want to customize a new project.
  • We’re now done talking about the object oriented features of PHP.
  • W3Schools is one of the best resources for free coding tutorials.
  • This includes websites for well-known organizations like Facebook, Wikipedia, and WordPress.

Thank you for reading through this introduction to the wonderful world of PHP development. I hope it will help you get your web development job, become better at your craft, and empower you to work on your next big idea. You can learn how to setup Git and GitHub from zero here. These days, though, I think Git deploy is something that should be baked into every project, and shared hosting should be a thing of the past. No need to restart the server, run an executable, nothing.

The official PHP documentation is comprehensive, easy to use, and full of examples. Also, the PHP community is vast – from forums on the official website, to communities like Stack Overflow, you’re never far from professional help and advice. Outside of the web, Matt enjoys getting lost in Harry Potter, Star Wars, finding new beers to try and playing a lot of tennis. No matter what direction you choose to go in, learning PHP adds one more skill in your arsenal to make you a more flexible and competitive developer.

Learn Object-Oriented PHP By Building a Complete Website

You don’t write the HTML in a .php file, but instead you use a templating language to generate the HTML, and everything is managed by what we call the framework. As a beginner lean off the self products like wordpress, opencart, joomla, magento etc. Also learn basic php because even though your work focus is HTML and CSS you will need a bit of programming language as well. Java, .Net, and PHP are still the “big dogs” when it comes to back-end, especially at large companies.

Treehouse PHP Courses

That’s to say that you can invoke a method from outside the class. Like for properties, you can mark methods as private too, or protected, to restrict their access. Do a simple test by setting $counter to 15 in the above examples, and see what happens. I previously listed the few functions we commonly use for strings.

Besides being an open-source platform with free licensing, PHP enjoys high popularity among programming languages. The next big question after whether PHP is hard to learn is, what can be done with PHP? PHP is a fully functioning programming language that users can apply to create websites and maintain scripts.

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