DCA bots: Reinvestment and Risk Reduction features TokenTact Help Center

Any commands sent to TokenTact from your account must come from a whitelisted IP address or the request will be rejected. Check out the guide we created for users interested in taking advantage of our API connection. It collects as little information about its users as possible to ensure that it operates and the service maintains acceptable levels of security hygiene to protect account holders. The platform is not only suitable for experienced crypto traders but also is highly recommended for beginners alike.

  • Many of the offers appearing on this site are from advertisers from which this website receives compensation for being listed here.
  • Please also check your exchange account and the API key used to link it to TokenTact, then cancel any trades in TokenTact with this error and pick them up as smart trades.
  • We understand that getting to know the platform can be difficult and that practice is essential.
  • These features work in unison to ensure user security and data protection.
  • It will increase the new deal size (both base and safety orders) by that percentage.
  • To accelerate the start for beginners, the platform has 15 video tutorials ranging 2 to 7 minutes in length.

Kindly ensure that your profile is connected through API, that you have BNB, and that the BNB fee payment feature is activated. The email you used to register will receive a link you need to access the site’s dashboard. Be careful with the links you open, so make an account via the legit TokenTact website. Your trades’ performance is displayed in detail in TokenTact’ dashboards. You can decide whether to operate and optimize your transactions. Used the DCA bots successfully for 4 months making decent profit.


Alternatively, you can sign in using your Facebook or Apple ID if you used these credentials to set up your TokenTact account. To use TokenTact, you first need to log in and access your account. Therefore head on over to the TokenTact home page and tap/click on the [Sign In] button.

To sign in with Google, just go to the sign in page and click the “Continue with Google” button. If you’re new to TokenTact and use Sign in with Google, you can create a passwordless, more secure account with TokenTact. This means you don’t have to use a unique username or password, and don’t have to worry about remembering it or storing it somewhere safe. If the available balance on the chosen pair allows for more lines, the bot creation form will automatically increase their quantity, primarily for buy orders.

If you do opt for a paid-for plan, then you can either pay by PayPal or cryptocurrency. The former can be set-up as a recurring monthly subscription, while the latter needs to be done manually each and every month. Either way, you can cancel your monthly subscription at any time. Although the smart sell feature available via the SmartTrade hub might appear somewhat complex at first, it can act as a highly valuable tool once you’ve got your head around it. In its most basic form, the smart sell feature allows you to sell a specific coin, or group of coins, and then buy them back at a later date. The trading features that you opt for via the SmartTrade hub will ultimately depend on your experience and knowledge of how trading strategies work.

Despite educational content, detailed guides, and Live support feature, many users claim the responses are helpless. Another DEX in the list performed a successful airdrop of its native currency. It occurred in December 2020 and included the distribution of 90 million 1INCH coins to 55,000 recipients.

When the introductory period ends, you either choose a membership plan or will transition you to a free plan. Aside from its broad menu of features, TokenTact excels because of its intuitive functionality. A web-based system, it’s user-friendly and easy to navigate through a familiar interface.

Normally, bots with lower drawback rates yield you lower returns. However, such bots are more reliable over the longer investment horizon — a little patience goes a long way. You may also want to search the internet for the best forex robot reviews from reputable online sources.

By adding an indicator to the chart, it can be selected as a condition for a signal in the alert settings. The indicator may have default trigger options or custom ones added by the user in the code through ‘Strategy events’ inputs. The indicator may have default trigger options or custom ones added by the user in the code through ‘alertcondition’ inputs.

Finally, the platform offers its users tools to better protect their accounts, including using 2FA. TokenTact is one of the prominent cryptocurrency exchanges fostering newbie trading and investment in crypto. If you never dealt with bots, it might be a good pick to put your hands on automated crypto trading for the first time. A wide range of over 120 crypto assets, 16+ trading bots, deep liquidity, and low fees may surely help you on the way to profits.